Taste of New York Pizza is a labor of love of our family, the Savelli Family of Brooklyn, NY. In 2014, we recently relocated our family to West Des Moines, Iowa. After spending nearly seven years (on and off) in the Des Moines, area, we knew we wanted it to be our home and leave New York City behind. So, we decided to bring real New York pizza (and other dishes) to Iowa along with most of our family.




As a young boy, every summer, Louis Savelli sat on the stoop in front of his building in the Bensohurst neighborhood in Brooklyn. This was the 1960s. The summers were hot and Bensonhurst was the most populated Italian community in New York City. Air conditioning wasn't even a thought at that time and to cool off, Louis and his friends on 78th Street, first and second generation Italian Americans, ate cup after cup of Italian Ices. Italian Ices were frozen homemade water-ice made of real fruit and sugar. The ices were made by hand by his landlord, Gerlando Bennici, the building owner who had recently immigrated to the US from Naples, Italy. The kids on the "block" hung out on the stoop and talked about the feats of The Yankees' Mickey Mantle and the Amazin' NY Mets who were managed by the legendary ballplayer and coach, Gil Hodges, who led the Mets to become the 1969 World Series Champs.


Little did he know that many years later as an NYPD Police Sergeant, he would meet the granddaughter of one of his sports heroes.  Through a chance meeting set up by Mrs Gil Hodges, Louis Savelli was introduced to her granddaughter, Joy.  He thought (and still does) she was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.  After the attacks of the World Trade Center, he knew he had to marry his sweatheart, Joy.  Joy and Louis were married and together they have four wonderful children (Kristiana, Ashley, Emma and Louis Jr.).


After spending several weeks each year over the past ten years in the Des Moines area training police officers at the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center located at Camp Dodge in Iowa, Joy and Louis Savelli decided to make Iowa their permanent residence.  They sold their house in the Mill Basin Section of Brooklyn, NY in 2014 and settled in West Des Moines, Iowa.  Bringing their children and other family members with them, they began the creation of Taste of New York Pizza on Jordan Creek Parkway to bring the first authentic New York Pizzeria to Des Moines.


Serving Pizza, Italian Foods, Italian Desserts and those same Italian Ices he grew up with, made by the world famous "Gino's" from Brooklyn, NY, Louis and his wife, Joy, and their family, have brought authentic New York Pizza and Italian Foods to Iowa.  And he says., "Delicious Authentic New York Pizza and Italian Foods, Authentic Brooklyn Accents, a New York sense of humor, a fun place to eat, but without the NY attitude!"

Meet the Savelli Family

"Voted Best Place for Pizza in the Des Moines Area"